Across the world, there has been a rise in exclusive or gated communities. Private land with building permission is bought, amenities and properties built, and the resultant estates become exclusive to their owners and residents. It has been a growing phenomenon. Now, not only the rich and famous can afford to live in exclusive gated communities. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of living in one of these communities.

Pros of Living in an Exclusive or Gated Community

gated communities

Increased safety 

The gated community offers increased safety, as only the residents can enter the premises. Children can play in the streets, and it can become a close-knit community. It is this increased sense of safety and security that encourages many to move in behind these fences and security gates.

Less noise and traffic

Since not just anyone can enter the premises, this means the roads are not public. Therefore, there is no through traffic. Which reduces both the noise and the danger posed by fast-moving traffic in residential areas.


They are a perfect way to secure the perfect location. For example, the gated communities in the Triangle in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham areas, have become increasingly popular for those looking to move into the area. Places like Bay leaf farm and Adams Mountain offer some of the most exclusive living in North Carolina. Based on the saturation of housing and the ongoing high demand, this has been the only way new residents can enter the local housing market in such high-demand areas.

Gated homeowners may feel distanced from reality as it is so exclusive, which is just ideal for many people. There are now gated communities that are also exclusive to the middle class and working class living.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance 

Maintenance and gardening should be part of the overall costs. You find that the well-maintained and oftentimes shared grounds and other essential maintenance is part of the overall expenses or the additional fees for the body corporate or the property management firm. 

You can still make it your own 

While many feel like it may restrict them in the changes and adaptations, you can make to the property by the combined housing associations. For many, the color of their property and any additions or renovations need to be approved, and the overall aesthetics need to match and fit into an overall theme. However, once you have approval, you can make your home your own and put your stamp on it. The inside of your property can be to your liking too!

Final thoughts

It would seem there are several important pros to living in gated or exclusive communities. The pros seem to outweigh the cons or disadvantages that there may be. Real estate or buying a place to live is always premised on the location, and as long as the gated community that you consider meets all the location parameters that you have, you won’t be losing money in the purchase.


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