The weather in Cass County, IN is not always predictable, and huge fluctuations occur throughout the year. In January and February, you could see single digits on some days, resulting in a very frigid day. In the height of summer, temperatures can rise into the sweltering 90s, making it hard to stay cool.

Dealing with the challenges of vastly different seasons makes your home’s insulation all the more important. A house that is properly protected and sealed from the outside can maintain temperatures more effectively when the weather reaches those extremes. It can also help keep the interiors dry when it rains or the snow melts in the spring. 

If you want to avoid spending tons of money on utilities or water damage repairs from rainfall, then here are some tips to ensure your home in Cass County, IN is insulated well. 

How to Ensure Proper Insulation

Why you need good insulation 

Check Sealant Around Windows

Windows often have some sort of sealing material around the edges to ensure air is unable to leak in or out when the window is closed. Over time, this material could fade away due to normal wear and tear, or it could be compromised from physical damage of some type. Checking the sealant around your home’s windows each year is a simple upkeep task that can help you spot areas that may cause drafts or water leaks during a storm. If you notice weak spots, it might be wise to re-caulk the edges to ensure temperature control is maintained in the home. 

Invest in Roof Repairs

The roof is responsible for keeping the top of the home sheltered. It helps trap heat inside during the winters and prevents water, snow, wind, and sun from getting into the house directly. If your roof is missing shingles or there are signs of disrepair, then the home’s insulation will be compromised. Investing in professional roof repairs has numerous advantages. First, it reduces the risk of injury to yourself. Second, it ensures the job is done correctly. Third, it can be done quickly and with minimal stress. Better to pay a bit more for professionals than to have greater expenses in the future because of a poorly executed project.

Replace Your Aging Entry Door

Another common area of heat loss and drafts is the main entryway door. The older your door is, the more likely it is to have poor insulation. Even if the insulation itself is fine, older door models are simply not as efficient as modern materials. Replacing your home entry doors with more efficient models can cut down significantly on utility costs as your HVAC systems will not have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures. You can also cut down on potential drafts in the house. On top of that, you can significantly upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your entryway with a new door. 

Insulation Inspection

If you feel like your heating or air conditioning bill is higher than it should be, maybe there is a weak spot in your home’s insulation. Learning how to inspect your insulation can reveal problem areas that may need additional foam sprayed or another type of insulation added. Start with the attic, as this is one of the most important areas to have good insulation and is often a weak spot. Check your wall insulation by removing outlets throughout the home and looking between the drywall layers. If there are significant air pockets, then there is probably not enough insulation. You could also pay a professional to inspect the insulation in your home if you are worried about spots that you cannot access. When weak spots are found, then you can look into insulation strategies.

Cover Exterior Holes

Hail, wind, and other factors can come into contact with your home’s exterior. Sometimes, the result can be a hole in the outside of the house. Checking regularly for these gaps and taking steps to cover them up will help keep your home protected. For small holes, you could just apply some spackling paste to the area. If the hole is a little larger and your home has vinyl siding, then you may need to buy a small siding patch to cover it up effectively. The sooner you address the problem, the less damage will be done to your home’s insulation capacity. 

Fix Issues Quickly to Save Money

The thing about home maintenance is that problems tend to escalate over time. If you do notice signs of poor insulation, and you do not take any steps to rectify them, then you may be facing greater expenses on your home in Cass County, IN in the future. Take action now so that your utility costs will go down, especially in the extreme temperatures of winter and summer. Consider home improvements like new doors or roof repairs to ensure that these features are not causing temperature loss. Remember that your investment in repairs now is likely to save you even more money later. 

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