The landscape of your commercial space can affect your business, and finding great commercial landscapers can be hard. Besides, this is the first impression that your client will have when they visit your office. If you neglect your commercial space, most clients will look at you as irresponsible, and chances are they will not trust you for their services. The commercial landscaping industry has continued to thrive. It’s a multi-billion industry that has employed millions of people.

With so many commercial landscaping companies available, identifying the right ones in Green Bay WI, Milwaukee WI, Madison WI, Appleton WI, Kenosha WI, can be an overwhelming task. However, don’t give up. This article has the best tips to help you examine different commercial landscape services providers and identify the most qualified.

Commercial Landscapers: A Selection Guideline

commercial landscapers

List of Services provided

Different commercial places have different needs for landscaping. A lot of work is involved in landscaping, for example, with installation, care, and maintenance. Therefore, when choosing your landscaping experts, it is important to find one who can deliver on your expectations. If you want a landscaper who can take care of your installation, maintenance, irrigation, repairs, etc. Then ensure that the commercial landscape services providers have a well-trained team that can perfectly perform these tasks. They should mow your lawn weekly, maintain and take care of your plants. They should even plant new ones and perform general maintenance in your commercial space. Ensure that they adequately equipped the landscaper to handle every task.

Licensing and Insurance

Choosing a licensed and insured landscape bed maintenance service company is another important decision for you to make. Finding a landscaper that has a valid operating license is paramount. They regulate the landscaping industry in every state. They must vet all landscapers before being approved by the relevant authority and before they may provide commercial landscaping services. Therefore, avoid hiring unlicensed companies. If you do, chances are you will waste your resources time and eventually get unreliable services.

In addition, find a commercial landscaper who has liability insurance. The insurance should also cover compensation for workers. The procedures involved in landscaping are potentially dangerous. If they injure the contractor or the workers involved when working on your commercial property, you’re responsible if the landscaping company.

Therefore, don’t overlook this aspect to avoid blame or responsibility if an accident happens. In addition, choose a landscaping company with rules stating no alcohol or drug consumption when on duty. This way, you ease unnecessary incidences.


Next, investigate how long the commercial landscaping company has been in this industry. The experience that your landscaper has will directly affect the quality of your landscaping. A service provider with ten years of experience can’t be compared with a firm that joined the landscaping industry. Experienced commercial landscapers have worked for different commercial properties previously. Ask for references and call them. If possible, visit and see some projects, including landscape bed maintenance service, which the landscaper has completed previously.

Do a background check. Make sure you read reviews, feedback, and comments posted by other commercial property owners. This way, you get to learn if a particular commercial landscape is trustworthy. Commercial landscapers with multiple positive reviews. Find the top-rated online stands a chance to provide you with great landscaping service. Another option is to ask for recommendations. Inquire from your friends, family, business associates, and your neighbors. When driving around, you will see many outstanding commercial landscapes. You can always discuss with the property owner for a recommendation. Inquiring for referrals is an easy and convenient way of finding a good landscaper.


If your business is at Green Bay WI, Milwaukee WI, Madison WI, Appleton WI, Kenosha WI, it is advisable to hire a commercial landscaping company that operates in these areas. There are many advantages to considering a landscaper in your local area.

First, such experts are already familiar with the soil and climatic conditions in your area. Equipped with these crucial details, these experts will advise you about the right plants that can survive without getting affected by climatic conditions. In addition, they have the expertise and will use the best technique to offer a lawn aeration service or lawn fertilizer service. Another benefit of picking a local landscaper is that their charges are cheaper. This is because it will be easier for them to travel from their location to your commercial property. Also, they have a good connection with landscaping suppliers; hence, they will source supplies at a better rate.


Mostly when finding a service provider, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether their services are affordable. This is an essential factor to evaluate before hiring a commercial landscaping company. Different commercial landscapers charge different rates, depending on the type of landscaping service you need. Whether you need lawn aeration service, pest control, irrigation system installation services, tree planting, or landscape maintenance service, you need to know your needs to discuss them with the potential landscaping company.

However, the secret is to compare different commercial landscaping companies to hire the most affordable and ensure that you get top-quality commercial landscapers.


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