Are you thinking about buying a new table saw for your workshop? Woodworking is almost impossible without woodworking equipment and tools. The table saw is an essential tool required for woodworking. Since the table saw quality determines the efficiency and accuracy of the woodcutting, it’s crucial to choose the right table saw that fits your needs. 

5 Factors To Consider While Buying A Table Saw

buying a table saw

Many woodworkers often cannot go through table saw reviews before buying their equipment. Most of the time, they end up buying the cheapest option they can find at the store. However, this could be a huge mistake. It’s essential to understand that cheapest isn’t always best. Many other factors determine whether the table saw is the right fit for your workshop. 

To help you choose the right product, here are five factors you need to consider while buying a table saw.

  • Base setup

The biggest challenge buyers face is knowing which type of table saw they need to buy. Table saws come in different base setups, and that setup determines the efficiency and accuracy of the cutting. 

Before you decide which machine setup you want, you need to determine where you will put it and how you are going to use it.

There are three types of table saws. 


Portable saws are comparatively cheaper and smaller than other types of table saws. As they are portable, you can carry them wherever you need them. They are also lighter and usually weigh around 45 pounds, and they also have wheels for better portability. 

The downside of portable saws is that they are smaller; this means that they can cut smaller wood portions. Therefore, you can use them for small woodworking projects, but not those involving cutting massive planks and woods. They are also not very sturdy, creating safety concerns for you. It also makes it difficult to achieve accuracy, as the machine might shake while cutting.


As the name suggests, hybrid or contractor saws are usually used by woodworking contractors. These saws mount on a fixed base and a small movable cart for portability. These are larger than benchtop saws, making them better for cutting larger pieces of wood. 

Though contractors primarily use them, they are also suitable for regular/mid-sized wood cutting.


Professional woodworking contractors use stationary saws for bigger or more complex projects, such as if metal cutting is required. For instance, bandsaws are frequently stationary saws with a built-in cutting table and can be used for cutting metal such as barbed wire if required. While these saws are bigger and are fitted in the workshop, it means they are not easily movable.

  • Rip Capacity

Many woodworking projects require longer wood boards. The rip capacity determines the length of wood boards you can cut with the saw. 

Rip capacity is the distance between the edge and the saw blade. The larger distance shows longer board cuts. If your primary goal is to cut larger boards and plywood, you need a 24″ rip capacity. If you are confused about the rip capacity, you can refer to various table saw reviews to get a clear idea. 

  • Price

Though the price can affect your purchase decision, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider while buying a table saw. Different factors such as machine type, safety features, table size can affect the table saw’s price.

  • Cut depth

Though cut depth is essential in various projects, it is determined by the size of the blade. For example, a 10″ blade can cut 3 inches of wood while a 12″ blade cuts 4″ of the wood board. It’s also important to understand that various wood brands have different standard measurements. A 4×4 board is usually 3.5 inches. That means a 12″ blade can easily cut through the board. 

  • Safety features

Woodworking requires utmost attention as it deals with sharp blades. Even minor negligence can lead to severe injuries. That’s why it’s essential to check the saw’s safety features. Some top-of-the-line saws come with safety features that retract the cutting blade within a few milliseconds of contact with the skin. Such safety features save you from major injuries.

Choosing the right table saw is essential as it determines the quality of your woodwork. Whether you are a contractor or just a DIY person considering winter woodworking projects, you need to ensure you are choosing the right table saw for your project. Remember to consider these factors when buying a table saw. 

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