For over ten years now, the real estate industry has witnessed a considerable disruption. Technology has dramatically improved home buyers’ and sellers’ options, from online listings to iBuyer emergence. These tools, by design, are very helpful when you begin your search to find your dream home.

Although there are technological innovations to make buying and selling a home effortless, the process still gets overwhelming. While you might have decided on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want besides other preferable features, the problem lies with finding your dream house.

Finding your dream house goes beyond browsing online listings from various sites and going to every open house you see. Instead, why not call on an expert to help you find your dream home in 2021. Of course, that’s where Tim Stout and Associates come in.

A licensed Georgia real estate agent with a lot of experience, we bring you the following tips to help you find your dream home. You might also click on this link for more house hunting tips.

Find Your Dream Home in 2021 With These Excellent Tips

Top Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Home in 2021

1. Do your homework.

While you might decide to stay in the countryside, downtown, or uptown, don’t forget that neighborhoods often differ even in the same location. Therefore, you must do some research to find your perfect fit.

Check through online listings to see the housing styles available in that neighborhood and learn the area’s walkability score. You can even visit review sites like Yelp to discover the amenities in the community.

We also recommend that you visit the location offline. You can spend a weekend there and move around the area. That way, you get a feel of the place you wish to call home.

2. Determine your style.

Before starting the house-hunting process, you must determine the style of house you want. For example, if you have kids or pets it’s best to opt for a single-family home. That way, your pets or kids will have lots of space to run around in the yard. Nevertheless, a single-family house means regular maintenance projects.

On the other hand, a condo is perfect for single people, although it comes with association dues. But the good news is, the association handles the outside maintenance. That’s a win-win for everyone.

3. Stay on budget.

One major tip for house hunting you shouldn’t joke with is having a budget. Once you get pre-approval, you might be tempted to look for homes that cost the maximum mortgage amount. So, please resist that temptation by setting a budget.

Taking on a bigger mortgage than you can effortlessly afford is the fastest way to drag yourself down with debt. We recommend that you adopt the 28/36 rule. Sticking to this rule will ensure you comfortably afford your new place.

4. Planning for the future.

Before starting your home buying journey, you’ve got to consider your plans. Typically, you’ll need to stay in the new house for more than five years to enable you to pay off the mortgage and possibly build equity.

Suppose you plan on having children; you’ll need a place with one or two extra bedrooms. If you intend to start working from home, get a house with office space.

5. Know your finances.

One vital tip to help you find your dream home in 2021 is to know your financing options. We recommend that you get pre-approval before starting the journey. Although this is a daunting process for homebuyers, getting prequalified for a loan makes house hunting easier for you.

Check your credit score and credit report to discover where you stand and improve any errors. Gather proof of income and get your funds ready for a down payment and subsequent closing cost when your offer gets accepted.

6. Hire a realtor.

Top Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Home in 2021

Throughout your home buying journey, ensure you’re working with a real estate agent. Realtors aren’t only valuable during the house hunting’s early stage. They’re also an invaluable resource until you move into your new home.

A good realtor will teach you basic house hunting etiquette, especially when making an offer and negotiating. They’ll also help you even after you purchase the home, up until you fully move into your new place.

7. Look past the flaws.

It’s difficult seeing everything you want in the first home you see. Although a house may have some features you don’t like, give it a chance before writing it off. If you’re able to look past the exterior blemishes, you might be able to turn the property into a place you’ll love.

For example, awful paint color in the bedroom, linoleum floors, or bad kitchen cabinets are all things you can look past and upgrade to suit your taste.

Therefore, ensure you look for a strongly built house with enough space, a layout that suits your lifestyle, and some features you want at a great price. Then turn it into your dream home with some TLC.

8. Conduct a home inspection.

One tip you must include in your house hunting tips checklist is conducting a home inspection. Regardless of the home’s appearance and condition, it’d be best to request a thorough property inspection from a licensed inspector.

A professional inspector will effortlessly discover any damage or potential repairs, so you’ll know how best to proceed with your offer.

9. Take a second look.

Before making an offer for any house, you must take a second look at both the property and its location. The neighborhood and property can appear different depending on the time of the day you view them.

For instance, suppose you think that a home is quiet because you went there on a weekday around noon. You might be shocked that the neighbors are too loud if you pass through there at night.

Therefore, we recommend visiting the preferred property’s location for a few days and at different times to get a better picture.

What’s more, why not use the opportunity to look around and ensure the location have all the features you want before making a final decision?

In conclusion.

Despite the numerous technological innovative tools available to a home buyer, house hunting is still a daunting task simply because it’s such a huge financial commitment. However, preparing in advance for this process will help reduce surprises and lower stress.

With these tips on how to find your dream home in 2021, you’re on your way to getting your ideal house without experiencing a frustrating house hunting process. To save yourself time and energy associated with house hunting, trust Tim Stout and Associates to help you get your dream house. Also, feel free to browse through our website listing to see affordable yet beautiful homes for sale.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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