5 Common Table Saw Uses for DIYers

Table Saw Uses

A table saw consists of a rotating saw-blade protruding through the middle of a flat worktable. Its major function is to cut boards composed of wood or other materials into sizes that are easier to handle. 

This piece of equipment has earned its position worldwide due to its capacity to execute cuts rapidly, safely, and effectively. As per a report, the worldwide market for table saws will be worth around USD 823.5 Million by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.5%.

Table Saw Uses

Table Saw Uses

Here are some of the common uses of a table saw:

For Dado Cuts

A dado is an additional groove that has been carved into the surface of the wood. Dado blades are compatible with most current table saws. If you are using a portable table saw, check out the best practices to set it up for dado blades.

If you need to create a joint, and one of the steps involves cutting a deep groove. It is possible to create that groove by making numerous passes with the saw blade. A dado blade set is a collection of blades designed to be stacked one on top of the other to create grooves at a desired depth. 

Because mounting the dado set requires a larger arbor or motor drive shaft, your table saw must be equipped to take dado blades. 

Try Table Saws For Ripping

The wood is ripped parallel to the grain. Cutting bigger boards into smaller pieces that are simpler to deal with is the most typical use for any table saw.

You should never run the board freehand; instead, you should always run it squarely against the rip fence. This will help you prevent twisting the board and clogging your saw. 

Use a Table Saw For Crosscutting

Crosscutting can reduce the length of pieces of wood. A sliding crosscut table guide is the tool that will allow you to do this with the highest degree of precision. 

You will need to utilize the adjustable miter gauge that comes with your table saw if the task you are working on requires you to make an angled cut (also known as a miter cut). Adjust it to the desired angle, double-check it with an angle meter, and then, while feeding the workpiece through the blade, firmly press it against the fence. 

To Perform Bevel Cuts

Bevel cuts are made using the same mechanism that tilts the blade and makes it square to the tabletop. The blade may be adjusted to the desired angle by tilting it away from the fence and using either a digital square or a bevel gauge. 

For Kerfing

Kerfing is a method that is often used when bending a sheet or plank of wood. Kerfing makes use of many grooves that are separated by a relatively short distance from one another

When it comes to kerf cutting, you should use the same level of care that you would when cutting rabbits and grooves. 

Don’t Forget Safety When Using a Table Saw

The first step in getting the most out of a table saw is to become proficient in using it safely. They can make such a range of precise cuts in a short amount of time. If you follow the correct procedures for workplace safety, you will appreciate the dependability and versatility of your table saw.

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