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Office Makeover for the New Year


Take a look around you… is it time for an office makeover? Wouldn’t it be great to be sitting in a cool-looking office… wouldn’t it be easier to reach your goals this year if your surroundings were more inspiring?

We found these office pictures filled with amazing inspiration and great ideas for organizing your office while decorating your office:

High Design Office Storage

We love the pop of bright green in this office picture. The white custom cabinetry on the bottom is contrasted with dark open shelving above. You can achieve the same look by painting a wall the same color as shelves and then hanging the shelves on the wall. It will look like one big piece of custom furniture:



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Turn an Unused Closet into an Office

We love this idea… take a space that is just collecting junk and turn it into a gorgeous, well-organized office space! The closet in an extra bedroom or even a coat closet in the right spot could be turned into functional space. Take a look at this office picture for an idea of how custom cabinets, moldings and trim can really turn the space around:


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A Feminine Office Space

How fun is this office picture? A distressed desk, a zebra print rug, eclectic furniture and a unique light fixture to top it off!


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A Tidy Office Space

The clean, simple lines in this office space are calming. With all of the chaos of your  job or managing your household, this office picture shows a relaxing place to get everything in order:


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Check out more inspiring office pictures on my Inspired Office spaces board on Pinterest!


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