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organized kitchen white storage unit with cubes and wall poster art decor

As we open up our homes to let in the fresh, spring air we will often begin to clear the clutter and start to reorganize. Our friends at aspenhome have supplied us with the following tips that will help us make good use of our existing space and make storage solutions stylish!

Tips for Making Storage SoluStylish

Bookshelves and cubbies are not just for books. They are a versatile way to add not only organization but also style to a room. Use them as a storage solution, an entertaining solution or to make a focal point by displaying decorative accents. aspenhome® has over 600 storage solutions to help you not only get organized but to make a stylish storage statement. Here are a few tips….


Use a small cube shelf to make storage areas look tidy. Place extra soaps of different sizes but the same color family in a clear vase. Stack towels together by size and color or if you have too many colors place them in a basket. Magazines and toys also work well stored in color-coordinated baskets.



Use open cubby shelves by the back door with colorful baskets to hold gardening supplies, gloves, socks and toys. Lower shelves are great for shoes but keep a bench near by for sitting. And add a peg rack above it to collect all of the hats that pop up.


Use a bookcase or cubby shelf with numbered bins to help kids organize their toys. Colorful buckets work well too and they are easy to carry to the play area. As they grow older the bookcase can then be used next to a desk or for displaying trophies.


A tall bookcase becomes a work of art when you coordinate it with two colors of dishes and accessories like books, candles or a bowl of fruit. It can also double as a hutch to hold and display dishes or set it up to serve drinks and snacks.


Tall slender open back bookcases can add a focal point to a small room and by seeing the wall behind the shelves helps to keep it light and airy. Use it as a bar, for your current reading materials or to store extra pillows.

aspenhome has all wood fully assembled bookcases and cubbies in light and dark wood finishes from short to tall and narrow to wide widths. They hug the wall and take up just a little floor space.

What stylish ways have you been able to add storage solutions in your home?

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