Flies are a nuisance partly because they have a habit of repeatedly buzzing right past your ear. But, they are also known to carry an impressive array of diseases, some of which can cause serious illness and even death. Of course, in the Summer months your house can get full of so many house flies that it gets unbearable. In short, you don’t want one flying around in your home, not to mention, an infestation of them. If you get many house flies, continue reading for tips and tricks to eliminate them before your house is infested.

4 Tips for Dealing With So Many House Flies

Fly on a Leaf - 4 Tips for Dealing With House Fly Infestations

There are two parts to dealing with an infestation. The first is to make sure you have the right tools to deal with the flies that come into your home. That means investing in UV fly electric traps. These traps effectively kill flies and warn you that they are present. The more you find in the trap the bigger the issue.

If you do have an infestation it’s a good idea to contact the local pest control specialist and have them eliminate them for you.

The second part of dealing with the infestation is preventing it. To do this you need to understand the most likely reasons the flies are in your home.

1. Food debris is a fly magnet.

Flies are generally drawn to decaying matter. This can be anything from faeces to decomposing food. Of course, you don’t normally have faeces laying around your home, but you may have several nooks and crannies where food debris collects. As this decomposes it attracts the flies to the scent.

In short, you need to ensure that your home is thoroughly clean on a regular basis to prevent it from appealing to flies.

2. Warmth attracts flies.

Another thing that attracts flies is warmth. This is especially true when the fall is approaching, and the flies are looking for somewhere warm to hibernate for the winter. The problem starts in the spring as the weather warms up and the flies come out of hibernation and create more flies.

You should note that flies breed 5 or 6 times in their short 15-day life. Each time they produce around 100 eggs, rapidly increasing their population. That’s a big part of the reason why infestations occur, because their reproductive system is faster than your attempts to eradicate them.

3. Moisture attracts flies.

Flies, like all living creatures, need water to survive. If you have a leak at your home then you are creating a moist environment that will allow them to flourish.

Make sure you check for leaks and eradicate any you find. It’s an effective way of eliminating the fly problem in your home.

4. Remove the attraction!

Flies need warmth, food, and even moisture to flourish. But, even if your home has all those things to offer, they also need a way in.

Inspect at your home and seal up all the gaps and cracks on your walls. This prevents the flies from getting through the walls. Pay particular attention to doors and windows.

But, most importantly, make sure you have screens on your doors and windows, these stop any flying bugs, including flies, from getting into your home and starting to cause issues.

In conclusion.

Use these tips to rid yourself of the house fly pest! If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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