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Who doesn’t want to sit on their porch with a cup of Joe in the morning or a cocktail in the evening on beautiful summer days and nights?  A patio or porch swing would be a great addition to your house to entertain or have some quiet alone time.

Some of these inspirations have a more modern approach and some more classic.

Modern Design

A lot of these modern designs tend to inspire minimalism or even a new twist on a more classic design.  But they stand out as new and different from anything typical, making a beautiful and enjoyable statement.

This patio swing is beautiful with it’s wooden design and simple decor, making it a beautiful and fabulous addition to our diverse collection of porch and patio swings.


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This patio swing is beautifully simple and classically current.  This patio swing would fit easily into either a more modern designed porch or a classic one, appeasing to all design tastes.


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This patio swing is by very definition modern and minimalist, but also beautiful in it’s simplicity.  A single light, a drink, and alone time would be a wonderful way to enjoy this porch swing.


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Classically Designed Porch Swings

Going back to classic designs is always a fantastic option because they are timeless and always relevant in current design or an inspiration to it.

This wicker designed porch swing is a nice contrast to the beautiful stone porch beneath it, warming the space up.  It’s attractive and yet still has a comfort quality that makes it look great to curl up with a good book with.


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This femininely inspired porch swing has a lovely contrast of red and white, but also a level of comfort that encourages a nap or even some cuddling!


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This patio swing almost looks as comfortable as any couch, and this porch that has the feel and comforts of indoors while still being able to enjoy the elements of outside is a genius design for a porch swing.


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This beautiful classically designed porch swing boasts a rustic look that shows comfort and style, one that would be great for a cabin or house in the woods.


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