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Stripes on your curtains do not have to be for a children’s room or a circus-themed room.  Stripes can be stylish, elegant, and a fun fit for any room or decor.  They are a whimsical way of using color in your window coverings and your room’s design.

Using bright colors, showing how stripes can be regal, and putting them in your own bedroom are all different ways to put this style trend to work in your designs.

Use Bright Colors To Lighten Your Stripes

Stripes make a strong statement all on their own and stand out immediately, but for a bold room and bold designer, use a bright combination of stripes and make your room pop!

The red and white stripes give this room a dichotomy that seems a strange contrast but instead the red from the items decorating pop from the striped curtains.  The dark floors and the red is an exciting match.


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This regal and mostly white room is accented subtly with orange pillows and colors throughout, but it is the orange in the striped curtains that really brings the room together, making the room’s mood classy, but fun.


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Use Fabulous Stripes In An Elegant Room

Stripes aren’t just a means of fun, but can fit nicely in a classic room.  Both examples below are full of opulence and both are using striped curtains to accent the elegance of each room.

This elegant room is full of neutral colors and simplicity.  The browns in the stripes match up with the furniture and the paneling on the painting.  The simpleness of the room is beautiful.


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This room uses the main color in the stripes far more directly than the example above.  It’s full of grey blues and the entire room is influenced by that main color while the small stripe becomes the minor accent instead.  Two different examples of an elegant room using the colors in the stripes differently.


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Design Your Bedroom With Striped Curtains

Stripes in your room might seem synonymous with a child’s bed room, but that’s not necessary.  Striped curtains can be beautiful, or fun for a spring room, or even great for a summer guest room.

The bed room featured below looks as though it could be easily used as a guest room in a summer house, but still remains elegant with the beautiful chandelier above.  The blue and white from the stripes touch the mood of the ocean and summer.


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