Mirror’s are an ingenious way of making a space seem larger, reflecting natural light where it’s lacking, or a place to catch a glimpse of your fabulous self and admire.  Here are several mirror inspirations in different ways to use mirrors in your design.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Bathroom Mirrors

It’s generally a staple to have a mirror in any bathroom, but to make it stylish and match the decor of the bathroom is what it’s all about.  There are plenty of different ways to make the mirrors in the bathroom beautiful.

This mirror is extremely elegant and enormous.  While the mirror is over the bathtub in this bathroom, you have to stand up to actually look in it.  This is more of an art piece than an actual functional mirror.

This is over the top elegance, the dual matching sinks with this enormous mirror in a beautiful white room to reflect all the light with a gorgeous fireplace in the back round.  This mirror suits a very important purpose, showing off the beauty of this room.

Mirrors In Your Living Room

Your living room or family room are the places you tend to center yourself with guests and family the most and with all those people in one space mirrors are a great tool to open the room making it feel larger and a great reflector of light.

This white living room is very minimally decorated, and this large simple mirror shows in it’s reflection that the rest of the room in also painted beautifully in white making it a bright a regal room.

Mirrors Making Small Spaces Larger

Just as we adore natural lighting, the benefit of mirrors is opening a room up.  In a smaller space it can give the illusion of being much larger, and on top of that another use of reflecting natural light!

This room seems from the mirrored reflection to be slightly smaller but was cleverly designed with very few items and this elegant and large mirror giving it the sense of being much larger than it actually is.

This room is stunning with it’s wall of mirrors and because there are so many it seems incredibly large though if you really look even the ceiling isn’t particularly taller than an average vaulted roof.  This room feels modern and beautiful.

This small office space could feel cramped, but with this large mirror over the desk than is simple in it’s design but matches the decor reflects the natural light of the window and makes the space feel much more open.

Textured Mirrors

Mirrors are brilliant for tons of functional reasons, but they don’t solely have to serve the purpose of making a room feel larger or reflecting light, sometimes they can be artwork in your design.

This kitchen uses a textured layered mirror than reflects light everywhere, but even at first glance it isn’t obvious this is a mirror.  It gives the kitchen a modern feel, and is an original design.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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