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The environment people dwell in has a huge impact on their psyche whether they realize it or not. To help a deserving family,  nousDECOR has partnered with Dwell with Dignity, for their “Design Matters” campaign, to help create and style a personalized space. nousDECOR Chief Designer Mark Cutler brings his styling expertise with the help of Dwell with Dignity and the many companies donating products and services.

nousDecor profiles the design process and project reveal in their video below.

All images and video from nousDECOR


See the style transformation from drab to stylish in the before and after photos below. The pictures tell the story when viewed, in the before you see a colorless room. The room is screaming for attention and the team gives it just what it needed!


Living Room (BEFORE)




The after view gives the atmosphere of a much happier space and one that is inviting. A space should give warmth and comfort, making people want to gather there and call it home.

Living Room (AFTER)




The breakfast room right off the kitchen is beiged out, displaying a monochromatic palette of blah. See the beautiful transformed breakfast room below.

Breakfast Nook (BEFORE)




Having a dining space brings the family together to create many memories spent enjoying a meal while catching up with the days events. The before space was full of clutter without a social gathering spot, now the family is invited into to this room to come together. Talk about changing the life of this family to positive!


Breakfast Nook (AFTER)




This area was the existing formal dining room which did not really fit into this family’s needs,  so the team created a better use of this room.


Existing Dining (BEFORE)

classroom before photo_large



The team created the perfect craft/study room for the children to have a place to do their homework and inspire them to create. Some of my favorite artwork is kid’s art; I think all kids should have this kind of room to inspire them.


Existing Dining (AFTER)






At the end of the day, we all need a room to call our own, where we can decompress, be by ourselves, read and ultimately sleep.


Master Bedroom (BEFORE)



The team successfully did just that with this master bedroom with all the right touches. The signature wall behind the bed was wallpapered with a geometric pattern making the  perfect backdrop to the beautiful sleigh headboard. The decorative pillows offer up just the comfort needed for a good nights rest.


Master Bedroom (AFTER)

nousDECOR & Dwell With Dignity - Master bedroom, after


Girls’ Bedroom (BEFORE)

new ver_large


The white painted furniture mixed with a feminine color palette, I’m sure made these girl’s feel like princesses. The bunk bed design maximized the space to it’s fullest!


Girl’s Bedroom (AFTER)



The boy’s room was quite barren before and needed the touches that would give him a space to come to at the end of the day and feel like his.


Boy’s Bedroom

Boys Room_Before new ver_large


Boys Room (AFTER)

nouseDECOR & Dwell With Dignity - boy's room, after



The perfect canvas for this young man to make this room his own. I am sure he added posters or sports stuff that really made this room his own! The red, white and blue fabrics lend itself to any age décor and was a good choice for this growing young man.


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