Great Gift Wrapping Inspirations for Weddings and Baby Showers

Gift Wrapping Inspirations for Weddings and Baby Showers

Great gift wrapping on an occasion as important as the birth of a child or a celebration of a couple finding happiness and binding it through marriage, it can be one of the most important times to not only pick a gift, but to wrap it in such a way that it’s as thoughtful as the gift itself.

Do something personal like use your own crafts at home, or find something beautiful and elegant for a regal occasion like a wedding, or have a little fun with color and design for your baby shower.

Gift Wrapping Inspirations for Weddings and Baby Showers

Have Fun With Color and Whimsy for Your Baby Shower Wrapping Paper

Bringing a baby into the world is probably the most exciting and daunting experience a woman can go through.  The hormones, the anticipation, and the joy of a new baby incites of plethora of energy, but mostly fun!  Using bright colors and unique designs is a great way to tell your friend you are on board to share this experience with her.

Some paper is full of brightness, enthusiasm, and excitement.  When you look at this you can see that not only is a great color scheme for a unisex child, but it’s bright colors are full of fun and emote a happy mood.

Some wrapping paper features not only a bright and lovely color scheme that suggest celebration and happiness, but it also plays on our earlier stated idea of using at home crafts. Try cut out bows and butterflies for a lovely alternative design!

Designs for Your Wedding Wrapping

Gift Wrapping Inspirations for Weddings and Baby Showers

Most women are pretty much in charge of what happens on their wedding day.  They’ve picked out everything to the smallest detail, with dreams of being a princess for the day and sharing the joy of that with friends and family.  To reflect that as a guest, an gift wrapped in elegance and care would show you understand the importance of this day.

Try out wrappings of delicate materials, carefully put together in a way that is dainty, elegant, and beautiful.  It would fit in at any wedding, and is very simply a piece of material tied together.

Also, try matching multiple gifts together while still giving them their own individual touch. Simple color schemes make the few uses of bold colors pop, but aren’t overdone to the point of distraction.  This is a wonderful design inspiration of showing how less can sometimes be more.

Be Crafty and Creative

Nothing says you care like the personal touch of creating your own wrapping design.  Using your own homemade arts and crafts to design something not only gives that personal touch of appreciation, but it’s fun as well!

You might try simple yarn by making it seem a much higher end quality material.  Not only has it turned out lovely, and it has a personal touch, but it is also less expensive than stuffing everything into a gift bag.

Design simple paper that is given a personal touch and a pop of bright color with something as simple as some cut out paper and a string. It makes the wrapping one of a kind!

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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