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Not that there’s anything wrong with sticking to a classic design and classing up your dining room with an elegant chandelier, or having fun with some creative ones, why not even go further off the beaten path?  Ditch that dining room chandelier and replace it with natural lighting, wall lights, or even multiple hanging lights within a room.

Below are some ideas that may inspire you to do something you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

Use Multiple Hanging Lights

One chandelier does not have to be a requirement in a dining room.  Experiment outside of your comfort zone and try using multiple hanging lamps and create an entirely different atmosphere. Lighting is the biggest mood setter in a room, and here are some options of being either formal or fun with it.

This dining room below has an Asian inspired theme and feel, but the room also has a lot of natural light, in a large room.  However, it has a formal touch to it, so there isn’t a question this is going to be dining area used during dark hours and the two hanging lights above the dining table have kept the mood, and with still light the room to the mood it’s been decorated in.


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Small spaces are hard to work with so being inspired to think outside of the box in this scenario is definitely an inspiring option.   An over sized chandelier in a room this size or even one medium sized would cram the room.  The photo below shows a multi-colored room with rustic looking lights.


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New Ways To Use Natural Light

In more casual dining areas the option of utilizing natural lights is a great way to change the mood of a room.  Rooms not necessarily intended for night dining, like a breakfast area, or even a more formal luncheon room are great options for this.  A lamp in the back round would be all that would be necessary to give even a night lighting in theses rooms.

The dining area below is a great example of a space that is probably only used for breakfast dining.  Fresh light and fresh air couldn’t be a more delightful way to start your day.


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The lunch dining scene featured here utilizes how much natural light and the right colors can really open a space and make a room feel light.  It’s slightly more formal than a breakfast scene, but a room with a window like this could inspire several different options.  And if you want to do any night dining here, why not go by candlelight.


(Dig The Dining Room On Pinterest)

This outdoor dining emphasizes perfect usage of natural lighting so you can ditch the chandelier, but it’s still so enclosed that can still be utilized during the night since the fireplace has been so conveniently placed for night time dining.


(Dig The Dining Room On Pinterest)

Use Your Walls

In design using your wall space is always a great way to utilize space and decor.  If natural lighting or multiple hanging lamps aren’t your cup of tea, try mounting lamps or lighting on your walls.  The light will hit the room differently and inspire an entirely different mood.

There is still the option of formal dining without a sparkling chandelier in your dining room. Keep things low lighted and intimate like this picture below.  An elegantly style room that uses wall lamps and candles to light this room.


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