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5 Modern Dining Room Settings With Plenty of POP

The “formal” dining room can present a real decorating dilemma for those of you that love modern designs and contemporary style. Traditional dining rooms seem so comfortably adorned with Grandma’s old sideboard filled with Aunt Bea’s flowered china… but that’s just not your style!

So, we went on the hunt for examples of gorgeous dining rooms that look just as comfortable in clean lines, bold colors and interesting shapes and materials.

Daring Modern Dining Room Designs

This modern dining room is daring without crossing the line. We love the light fixture, it could be considered “honest design” by how it exposes its wires and light bulbs. The rustic wood table adds warmth and the Eames style molded chairs a fun pop of happy yellow for color. You also can’t miss the funky, chunky textured textile wall decor against the black painted wall.


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This modern dining room has bits of art deco, with some traditional touches. The ceiling light fixture alludes to mid-century modern design. I’m digging the walls, molding, and ceiling all painted in light blue; it makes the gold metallic touches pop!

art deco touches in modern contemporary dining room

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Contemporary & Modern Dining Room Designs

The colors in this casual modern dining room are playful and warm despite the otherwise white room. There is a charming modern farm style about this dining room with all it’s little rustic touches. It’s a great example of pulling off the look of different style dining room chairs.


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This modern dining room is bold and striking with the gold chandelier and dark wall. The elegance in the gold details is balanced by the industrial style dining chairs. Any idea where the loosely geometric pattern rug comes from? It’s perfect for this room.


Bold wall and chandelier in dining room

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This modern dining room is gorgeous – and it is mostly simple with light neutral tones. The large-scale artwork in deep blue is the bold statement the room needs.


Neutral and modern dining room with pop of blue wall art

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