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6 Ideas for Your Butler’s Pantry

The butler’s pantry used to be exclusive to million dollar mansions – but now, they are popping up in new and remodeled homes for modern families.  This kind of room is where food, provisions or dishes are stored and served in an ancillary capacity to the kitchen.

The designs below highlight butlers pantries featuring beautiful uses of wood, modern design, and the application of marble and stone.

Beautiful Wood Designs For Your Butler’s Pantry

Wood designs can affect a room’s mood very easily.  It can be manipulated in a graceful way or toned down to give a rustic, more simple look.

This beautiful butlers pantry has been inspired by the beauty and rawness of wood.  The open walkway and beautiful wood cabinets compliment the hardwood floors, making it a classy room.


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This rustic design features several different inspirations, but begins to build it’s design from it’s wooden floor up.  Aside from that it has lovely marble counter tops, and a beautiful glass cabinet to store wine.


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Upscale Your Design With Modernizing

Just because holds the title “pantry”, one would associate it with storage and things to be hidden, but here is the opportunity to make it a source of beauty and create a modern design to match the rest of your house.

From the clean cabinets, to the minimalist designs, and the beautiful stainless steal, this emulates the future of design.


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Use The Elegance Of Stone and Marble

The next pictures here feature different way to depict design ideas for a butler’s pantry with the elegance of stone and marble.  There are several different ways to work this element into different design inspirations.

This butler’s pantry doesn’t only feature a pantry section, but boasts a bar as well.  Its clean white colors and glass windows give the small space a much more open feel and modern look to the eye.


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The elegant marble used in this butlers pantry/bar area was consciously matched with the marble and same cabinetry featured in the kitchen as well.  The dark contrasting the white creates an interesting dichotomy.


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This stone covered pantry is built specifically in the wall giving it a personal and highlighted space.  The stone floor gives you the feeling that these shelves and rooms have been there a long time, but still maintains an almost regal quality.


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