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Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas from Pinterest

We’re addicted to Pinterest – are you?

Inspired by Kitchens by Wren, we went on a hunt through Pinterest for some creative kitchen storage ideas – and we found some great ideas to share with you:

Inside-Out Storage

Who said that everything had to fit inside your kitchen island? Whether it’s full of drawers, appliances or a sink – kitchen islands often end up lacking storage space. So, we love this idea of using a blank end of a kitchen island to hang the tools that you reach for most often:

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Wire Shelving

In small kitchens, storage items like cabinets, hutches and sideboards can be visually heavy making the space appear even smaller. So, we like this idea of using open wire shelving to add a lot of storage, but very little visual bulk:

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Pantry Organization

Leave no space un-used in your kitchen! The insides of doors on your cabinets and your pantry may hold some much-needed space for grab-n-go items. This pinner used great looking buckets to do the job:

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Matching Storage Containers

We love this idea… no matter how “messy” this cabinet gets, it will always look great! The matching storage containers take an otherwise chaotic group of boxes, bottles, jars and cans into a decorative piece of the kitchen:

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Do you have some creative ideas on kitchen storage? Share them with us!

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  1. kate

    i installed pull out shelves in my rental home’s too deep pantry. Now stuff doesn’t get lost in the back or piled on. It’s made a HUGE difference in organization

    1. Patricia Davis Brown

      Accessorizing your cabinets is a must! Why have a storage cabinet that is hard to access when there are so many great inserts that make storage so much more organized!

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