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Five Smashing Bathrooms That Will Inspire You

Design trends for bathrooms today are bold, innovative, and spacious. Massive, sophisticated and dramatic, these five smashing bath suites will inspire.

Your bathroom becomes a destination, offering large spaces to retreat to and treat yourself in.

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Wallpaper is no longer “retro” when it’s a fun design like this leopard print. Or go with metallic or oversized graphic designs.

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Wood-look tiles serve the dual purpose of creating the warm ambiance of the real stuff, while standing up to the wet environment.

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Imagination is the key to a bathroom suite that says “you,” like implementing your favorite color in a fun way.

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Classy furniture is replacing the typical “cabinet” in bathrooms. Simply add the plumbing below and a modern sink and faucet.

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Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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