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The title says it all… grab a bib and start drooling!

If your bathroom looks nothing like any of these – be sure to enter our Ugliest Bath Contest… we’re awarding one winner with the plans and materials for a drool-worthy bath!

Modern Classic Bathroom

Can’t decide between the old-school tub and the sleek look of modern design? This bath is a great example of how you can mix two different styles for one stunning look:

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Cottage Bathroom

With it’s odd ceiling and windows, this bathroom offers design inspiration for bathrooms in cottages:

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Shabby Chic Bathroom

Love shabby chic? Don’t stop in the bedroom… carry it right through to the bathroom:

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Rustic Bathroom

You’re indoors… but it sure would feel like you’re showering in a waterfall in this rustic bathroom:

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Transitional Bathroom

This beautiful bathroom shows how you can upgrade to modern elements like vessel sinks and granite countertops without losing the charm of an older home:

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Small Bathroom

Just because you have an older home with a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t have an impressive space. Even small spaces can look amazing:

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Large Bathroom

Of course… if you have the space… use it! This large bathroom has plenty of storage, light and space:

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Traditional Bathroom

“Traditional” means anything-but-ordinary in this elegant bathroom:

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Modern Bathroom

This is a sleek, modern example – that has a great view to boot:

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Sunlit, Neutral Bathroom

The scale of everything in this bath is large and filled with hard edges – but the light flooding in from the window and the neutral, almost monotone color palette makes it seem cozy and inviting:

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Ugly Bathroom Contest

If your bathroom doesn’t have you drooling, enter our Ugly Bathroom Contest and you might be our grand prize winner  and receive the guidance and many of the products you need to create a drool-worthy space!

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