When you’re having work done on your house, there will inevitably be a mess. Whether you’re painting a single wall or building an extension, you’ll have to clear up waste in one form or another. Depending on the renovation you plan to do and the timeline, you might be able to grin and bear the mess. But, obviously, that isn’t an acceptable tactic! Or consider these tips to keep a house clean during renovations.

If you’re struggling with ways to keep your house clean during renovations, here are some top tips to get you started.

Your Guide to Keeping a Clean House During Renovations

4 Ways to Keep a Clean House During Renovations

1. Waste management.

For big projects like extensions and major building works, you must implement a form of disposal. There is no guarantee that the laborer you hire to carry out the work will take the waste with them.

There are typically strict regulations surrounding the disposal of household waste like masonry. For example, waste management in the UK will differ from waste management in the US. To this end, it’s best to hire a waste management company to deal with it in a professional way. 

If you doing a smaller project like decorating a single room, there is waste from soft furnishings, furniture, and flooring. Where possible, seek to recycle or donate items. If not, check with your local authority where to dispose of the items to keep a clean house during renovations. Single room renovations generally don’t produce too much waste. In that case, it’s best to organize it by material type before taking it to the waste center. 

2. Clear your rooms. 

Where possible, clear out the room you’re renovating. This means neatly boxing things up and labeling them so that they don’t get lost. You won’t need to worry as much about dust sheets or the potential for damaging items that you care deeply about. So, if you want to renovate something like the living room or bedroom where are lots of precious keepsakes, clear it out first. 

3. Use dust sheets. 

Here’s another great tip for a clean house during renovation. If you can’t clear rooms out entirely, you need to cover your belongings. Unless you’re undertaking a house renovation prior to moving in, you will likely have lots of nice possessions in your house. Of course, you want to take care not to ruin them during the revamp process. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space to clear out rooms.

Additionally, if you live in an older property, you must preserve floors, alcoves, and stair railings. In this instance, dust sheets are your best friend. If you don’t have a dust sheet, there are plenty of other protective covers that you can buy and attach to your walls, furniture, and flooring to protect them from paint splatters and scuffs. 

4. Clean regularly. 

It might seem counterproductive to clean during a house renovation, especially if you’re undertaking structural work like an extension, knocking walls down, replacing a bathroom, or opening up a chimney breast. These are all projects that will generate a lot of dust and mess, and they will do so over a prolonged period of time. Despite this, it’s worth your time to clean up at the end of every day. This will prevent dirt from getting trapped, and you don’t spend hours cleaning after the remodel.

In conclusion.

We hope you find these tips helpful during your house renovations and that you’re able to keep a clean house during renovation. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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