Check Out Vegas for Innovative Design Ideas (1)

I know people travel from all over the world to go to Vegas to partake in the live casino world and gamble but, if you are a creative like me, the true treasure is in the innovative design scene seen everywhere. Whatever your genre of design you will find it under the bright lights of Las Vegas.

2 Innovative Design Genre’s Seen in Vegas


Innovative design in the field of hospitality is seen in Las Vagas.

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You will find the most beautiful hotels in Las Vegas. Vegas hotels are filled with innovative designs focused on the hospitality arena. Looking for inspiration for mosaic tile designs? Other than Europe, Las Vagas is the place to find the innovative design in the world of tile. As an interior designer, there are so many fabulous finishes I can see in this city that it is mind-blowing!

Innovative design - Pops of color are everywhere in Las Vegas.

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I love pops of color and when lots of color and patterns are used together in a design you need to find the right balance as seen at this buffet in Vegas. The canvas is neutral and then the colors pop off it, it’s magical!

For innovative design visit the Bellagio in Vegas.

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If you are in the mood for putting on the ritz then the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas is the place to be. The views are part of the innovative design style in this penthouse with the view.


Lighting design is HUGE in Vegas and as a designer with a niche in lighting design, it’s my go-to place for innovative design. Commercial retail, nightclub, or hospitality lighting, whatever is your bag you will find it here.

Retail lighting design needs to motivate the customer through the space and highlight the retail product. As you can see in the image below how strategically the product was highlighted by the lighting.

Commercial retail lighting is innovative design as seen in Vegas.

Commercial Retail Lighting

Nightclub light is to excite the customer and create a vibe of fantasy and FUN. Special effects are used in many of the nightclubs in Vegas like the laser gobo lighting projecting on to the surfaces of the bar.

Lighting design in Vegas shows innovative design.

Nightclub Lighting Design

Hospitality is all about the comfort of the client so the lighting must be subtle and decorative.

Innovative design in Vegas

Hospitality Lighting Design

Innovative design is everywhere in Las Vegas so if you are looking for design inspiration then book your ticket and be ready to be dazzled!

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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