If you have a regular cement floor in your commercial building, home, or another space, epoxy coatings can completely transform the surface. If you choose not to treat the cement, it eventually stains and cracks. This results in the floor looking ugly and creating potential safety hazards. Fortunately, due to epoxy services like thosefloorguys.com and epoxytampa.com, your epoxy floor will not only last, but it will look great for years—with minimal maintenance!

Unfortunately, if you are like some people, you might avoid epoxy garage flooring or commercial epoxy flooring because of all the misconceptions about the material that are floating around.

Continue reading to learn more about these misconceptions and to learn the real facts about epoxy surfaces.

Epoxy Flooring Misconceptions You Need to Know

Common Misconceptions About Epoxy Flooring

Misconception: Epoxy Must Be Reapplied Regularly

It does not matter if you decide to install commercial epoxy flooring or use the epoxy for your garage; the coating does not have to be reapplied frequently. Rather, when you the coating is applied by the professionals, it lasts for up to a decade. Since it is so durable, the surface resists wear from heavy machinery, vehicle traffic, foot traffic, and even airplanes. In fact, when you properly care for it, it might even last a lifetime.

Misconception: Epoxy Surfaces Are Slippery

Compared to the other standard floor surfaces that are smooth, epoxy is much less slippery and more skid resistant. In fact, the epoxy coating has some slip-resistant options. These are essentially raised bumps in the flooring that help to prevent slips. Due to this, epoxy is a smart option for doctor’s offices, hospitals, and certain industrial buildings that pose certain hazards or slip and fall risks to people who use it.

Misconception: Epoxy Is too Expensive

While epoxy is an investment, it is one that is long-lasting and cost-effective. When you compare the epoxy coating to other types of flooring options that will require expensive repairs and maintenance, when you invest in epoxy, it is a worthwhile investment. That’s thanks to the easy maintenance of the surface and the superior level of durability. Selecting the less expensive flooring options might result in more costs for repairs and upkeep.

Misconception: Paint Is the Same as Epoxy

While the epoxy coating, once in place, looks a lot like paint, these two things are very different. Paint doesn’t protect the concrete surface from abrasion or staining. However, epoxy does bond with the concrete to help form a non-volatile and resistant surface. When applied properly, the epoxy surface withstands all types of wear and tear for many years to come.

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