Smart offices are an increasingly popular way to transform companies into the future, but how does this boost productivity? With more notifications and distractions than ever, productivity is tanking. The need for attention means lost money and struggling workers, so building around focus is important.

These are the top tips to for boosting productivity while keeping human touches that make work enjoyable.

How To Boost Productivity in A Modern Workplace

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1. Enhanced Communication Tools

Communication is one of the most important parts of any office environment. Employees must be able to contact customers, clients, and higher-ups without stressing about dropped calls, poor internet, or machinery that doesn’t do what’s needed.

Every portion of your office that deals with communication, from mail to video and web conferencing, needs to be thought out and planned to boost productivity. Go with a highly-rated internet service provider and upgrade technology before it ages out.

2. Environmental Control Systems Boost Productivity

Some of the top environmental complaints companies get from their employees are: offices that are too noisy to focus or too hot or cold can pull everyone’s attention away from work and onto their devices in mere seconds. A smart HVAC system can keep temperatures comfortable without breaking the bank.

We can’t control how much noise the outside world makes, but using volume control dampers is an awesome step in that direction. Since sound is one of the most distracting things we can deal with in the workplace, it’s important to stop it in its tracks.

3. Flexible Workspace Designs

Flexible workspaces inspire focus in everyone without breaking the bank, from the flexibility to work from home if needed to the ability to change a conference room into a quiet focus space and boost productivity.

Partitioning is another awesome way to offer a malleable workspace while maintaining privacy and focus. Be bold, consider what glass office partitions cost in your area, and implement them soon to boost productivity in the modern office.

4. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can be awesome for hybrid companies or those without the budget for full-time assistance. They can keep meetings, schedules, interviews, and everything else in order, and since they’re fully digital, they’re just a text or call away during business hours.

If you are self-employed or a freelancer, having a virtual assistant handle interactions can help you appear more professional and increase the likelihood that other businesses will take you seriously. In today’s modern office, this is crucial to boost productivity.

5. Reliable Internet Connectivity

If your company has a great internet connection in 2024, it will succeed. Many companies are hybrid, allowing employees to work at home for at least some of the time, which means if your internet isn’t great, you’ll be missing workers and will not boost productivity.

Try to find the best-reviewed internet provider in your area, and work to ensure every inch of your office building that needs to be hardwired has the capability. Wi-Fi can be great, but it could be more reliable and can cut speeds in half and help boost productivity.

6. Biophilic Design Elements

Everyone loves nature, and nothing’s better than inviting it into the office with you. This means using plants in decor, making spaces more comfortable to work in, and improving air quality.

If you have a home office, this could look like having a couple of office pothos you care for! These hearty plants don’t need a ton of sunlight or water but push out lots of greenery for everything you give them.

7. Wellness Amenities

There are countless ways to use wellness amenities that can be overlooked if you don’t point them out. From natural lighting to ergonomic furniture and even quiet and collaborative spaces away from other workers, you can create an office where people are excited to work.

Some offices in high-stress industries even offer on-site fitness facilities for employees to work out stress or process thoughts in a healthy way. Consider your company’s budget and how you can give back to employees to boost productivity.

8. Work From Home Offices

With so many people working from home, it’s important to stop and think about how to create a functional home workspace. The first step is to soundproof as much as possible and ensure that the internet connection is strong. Sheer curtains to block out strong sunlight while still allowing some through are also a must.

You can still keep the space attractive! Feel free to research attractive modern home office designs for inspiration. This is especially important if you have to be on camera from time to time.

Keep Distractions and Time Loss At Bay

Small distractions can add up and create countless wasted hours for any business. Don’t fall victim to these issues; use these tips and check out Dig This Design to keep your focus going.

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