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We love yoga and all of it’s detoxing, relaxing, toning and grounding benefits. If you’re a yogi, you’ve probably dreamed of having a home yoga room. So, today, we’re going to share some examples of gorgeous home gyms dedicated to the practice of yoga:

Outdoor Home Yoga Rooms

Talk about becoming one with the natural world… practicing yoga in an outdoor setting will allow you to get close to the earth and sky:

home-yoga-room-outside-deck(Dig this outdoor home yoga room on Pinterest)

This is a great use of a balcony in the trees. This looks like such a serene spot for a runner’s lunge with a detoxing twist:

home-yoga-room-outside-balcony(Dig this outdoor home yoga room on Pinterest)

Claim the Attic for Your Home Yoga Room

We found a number of home yoga rooms tucked into the otherwise unused attic spaces of homes. This is a great way to make use of unused space and give yourself a space that’s away from it all and free from distractions.

home-yoga-room-attic-rustic(Dig this home yoga room on Pinterest)

home-yoga-room-attic-finished(Dig this home yoga room on Pinterest)

home-yoga-room-attic-white(Dig this home yoga room on Pinterest)

Decorate Your Home Yoga Room

Our PDBHomestore has some great pieces to help you decorate your home yoga room – giving it the “official” look and feel you need to melt into your practice:

This Zagros Rug looks like it was peeled off the floor in an ashram in Indian and brought right into your home.

Line your walls with these tiled scones powered by candlelight. See these mosaic candle scones in the store.

Set more candles, incense or a statue atop this beautiful, shell-adorned table. See the detail in this Aladdin Occasional Table in our store.







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