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3 Chic Beach House Decor Ideas

“Chic beach” is what comes to mind when I see any coastal home that fills me with the euphoria  that I get when I first arrive at the beach. One of the things I love about these homes is that they take their style from the natural elements that surround them. For instance, American coastal takes its palette from the sand, shells, sea, and sky.

But don’t think you have to live on the coast to enjoy this design. Give yourself the feeling of standing in front of the ocean in your own home no matter the location. You may begin by using the examples below for inspiration and ideas. Look for color combos, patterns, sea-themed accents or anything that grabs your attention.

3 Styles of Chic Beach House Decor

Family Comfort

This chic beach house is perfect for a large family with children. Check out the vintage pieces in finishes that purposefully sport worn, chipped parts for a worry-free active household. The super comfy chair and sofa ensemble are a dream in white against white walls and ceilings with soft pops of ocean blues in the throw cushions. The shades of blue carry over to the colorful beach theme arrangement on the coffee table for a cozy conversation corner.

Chic beach coastal living room all white with shades of blue and green accents super comfy white sofas loveseats blue pillows

Image Source

Modern Serenity

This earthy and serene modern room begins with a one-of-a-kind driftwood floor lamp. The bright white shade draws out the white border around the black and white coastal photographs. The sea-grey walls, ceiling, and floor cushions give the illusion of the ocean carrying the white foam back and forth.

Chic beach modern living room contemporary furniture in whites and blue greys browns

Image Source

The striking stone wall adds amazing texture to this room. Moreover, it is illuminated with the textured oval light shade over the conversation area. Underneath it is the soft white furry rug that brings everything together from the sand colored sofas to the white leather chairs.

Keep it Light

In this bright and cheerful setting, modern Mediterranean shows up in the blue and white patterns of the area rug and the sofa pillows. The wonderful coastal art is shown in the white ceramic vases and the vintage photographs on the wall which gives this home a hint of nostalgia and an artisan aura. In addition, the white door and window frame on a wall of the lightest blue feels like the Greek coastline.

Chic Beach Coastal Living Room White Dark Blue White Shag Rug Modern Mediterreanean Design

Image Source

I hope these inspirations point you in the right direction for your own chic beach home decor. Also, use the links below for more posts about coastal style for even more inspiration and information.

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