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green metal mesh cutout star strands decor accessory


With the New Year approaching we all have goals and dreams we hope to accomplish in 2012.  Here is a great wish list from one of our favorite artists we’ve been watching.  We thought we would share…

my 2012 wish list:

One. Of course…the big picture wish… a total recovery for the economy and for businesses to spend for new contemporary interior space for clients and employees which causes the design and art community to scramble to hire in order to keep up with new projects!

Two. Have my sculpture displayed and represented in 3 more contemporary design showroom/galleries… LA, Carmel, SF, Orange County, Seattle, Chicago… any specific suggestions?

Three. Get a huge commission for a chain of cool upscale restaurants (working with an “amazing designer/art consultant”) installing a combination of colorful dimensional mobiles and my new vertical wall “strand” sculptures.

…an artist has to dream!

Best Wishes for the New Year!


Dan Rider, Contemporary Metal Sculpture, designed for clients since 1991

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