Upcycling DIY Projects for the Home

Refurbishing old crates, shutters, and other various wooden accessories is a great way to add a bit of whimsy to your decor.  Check out these simple and eclectic DIY projects we came across on Pinterest that make good use of old wooden items.

DIY Bookshelf

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This bookshelf makes use of a number of different sized and angled crates, stacked puzzle-like into a shabby-chic bookshelf with plenty of room for storage.

DIY Framing

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These old wooden planks were stained a bluish color to add a perfect bit of dimension to the black and white photos they display.

DIY Decor

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What a cute idea to hang an old wooden shutter on the inside of your home.  It’s a great place to display pictures, postcards, and other sentimental items you like to be reminded of on a daily basis.

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