DIY Upcycled Storage and Design Concepts

From storage to design, these upcycled DIY projects bring character and charm to a traditional concept.  Learn how to create your own style by using your imagination and a little elbow grease.

DIY Stone Hot Pad

Adorn your outdoor living spaces with these adorable stone hot pads.  Using an old garden mat, flat stones and a hot glue gun, you can create a welcome mat, hot pads, or coasters.

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Chair Back Rack

Using an old chair back, create additional shelving and storage in a unique and environmentally friendly way!

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Ladder Shelves

These antique ladders add a touch of nostalgia to this modern sitting area. Hung sideways they make a perfect shelving unit and focal point!

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Books Shelves

This concept gives the title bookshelves a new meaning. Upcycle old, hard cover books into cute shelves to display your favorite treasures.

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Cream Containers

Upcycling plastic containers is a great way to organize your home! These coffee mate containers are the perfect size for storing your kid’s snacks and the air-tight lid seal in the container to keep them fresh. It’s also packaged easy enough to throw in your diaper bag or purse as you rush out the door!

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