Outdoor Decor for Your Backyard Living Spaces

Living in suburbia can have its perks; nicely manicured lawns, neighbors from which to borrow a cup of sugar, the convenience of grocery stores, gas stations, and multiple fast food choices within a mile radius. But, one draw back I’ve noticed in my own suburbanite home is the stark walls and fences that line our outdoor living spaces.  So, today we are going to focus on a few different ways to spice up those blank slates and give your backyard some interesting and colorful focal points!

Privacy Fence Attractions

Hang a grouping terracotta pots on your privacy fence to add a splash of color to an otherwise dull surface.  Choose your favorite flowers for even more color or plant your favorite herbs that you can clip for your kitchen.

Outdoor Wall Art

This idea from Better Homes and Gardens is a perfect way to add interest to your garage or house by keeping in theme and using elements from the great outdoors.

This black rubber mat was painted white, then distressed to add an element of shabby chic to an otherwise blank space.

Potted Plant Groupings

Spruce up your deck or patio by adding groupings of your favorite summer blooms.  Using various sizes and types of pots or buckets will add a bit of whimsy to your sitting area.

How have you spruced up your backyard to create a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor living space?

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