The Ugliest Bathroom Contest

Kate E. from Red Wing, MN is a finalist in our Ugliest Bathroom Contest. Kate is hoping to win the grand prize – which includes:

  • A complete design plan for a new bathroom from Patricia Davis Brown and ongoing consulting services to help him through a complete bathroom transformation
  • Radiant Floor Heating from WarmlyYours
  • Bathroom accessories and hardware from NiftyNob

Take a look at Kate’s bathroom and use the form below to vote if you think this ugly bathroom deserves the grand prize!

Meet Kate’s Bathroom

Kate told us her story – and she’s pretty witty! So, we decided to let you hear it right from her:

Our home was built in 1880… we moved in about 6 years ago and we have been showering in a bathroom that was “renovated” using pressed board 1970s paneling by the previous owner…and that includes the shower surround…FYI old pizza boxes would have worked just as well…if by well, you mean not at all working. Yuck. Though, I am great with plastic drop cloths and a staple gun. New skills are awesome!

Current “amazing” bathroom features include:

  • Pressboard paneled walls, and yes, that includes the shower walls and wallpaper borders instead of caulking!
  • Leaking toilet that sits 5 inches away from the wall, but perfectly in front of the doorway into the bathroom. They paneled over the other door way leading to the master bedroom?!?!
  • And all this in a 6 foot by 6 foot space…but there is some good news… directly next to the bathroom is another 6’x 6’ laundry room/closet available for expansion….oh…but dryer is broken…but we have a great clothesline. And washer works great.
  • Drop ceiling with acoustical tiles, sponge painted mint green and child’s room fan/light
  • Door into bath from kitchen doesn’t close all the way… privacy…hopefully the neighbors are not looking?!? If you slam the door real hard it almost closes.

Kate’s Dream Bathroom

Kate is dreaming of a  bathroom that fits her 1880 house – but with a contemporary performance. She’s thinking of charming old mosaic floors, pedestal sinks, and tiled walls… maybe a classic clawfoot tub in the same room with minimal boxy sinks and warm dark wood paneling with shiny white subway tile.

Kate, her husband and their daughter love spending time together and helping Kate’s grandmother. With the bathroom renovated, the space would be more accessible to Great Grandma Myrtle – and a nice addition for Kate, Jess and Alex.

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