Pamper Yourself Daily with These Self-Care Tips

Self-Care Tips: 4 Ways to Pamper Yourself Every Day

We're all so busy and constantly moving these days that self-care tips are more important than ever. We tend to put ourselves last in the equation, but it's important that we pamper ourselves every once in a while. You don't need to spend a…
Tips for curly hair

Tips for Curly Hair: Get Healthy Hair & Beautiful Curls

Curly hair is naturally gorgeous, but it can be hard to find the right tips for curly hair. Because the texture of curly hair is different, it requires special care and maintenance, and it can require some time and effort to get that look you…
Hating the hater only makes you the hater. When you react to negativity you only feed the fire. Deflect hate with LOVE, it's infectious! PATTYISM

November 5th, Daily Intention

Today I will grab my hater deflection cape, open my HEART to spread the LOVE.      
When you stop communicating & listening to one another the atmosphere becomes stagnate. Open your HEART to receive all voices, giving RESPECT to their words. Communicate your thoughts without insult allowing LOVE to carry your message. PATTYISM

November 4th, Daily Intention

Giving respect to another's words is a must to receive their respect.