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Daily Intention, September 28th, 2017

September 28th, Daily Intention

Learn to live life without too many questions. Take it for what it is because what might be just around the corner is way better! Todays Daily Intention   Other Pattyisms.
CONFIDENCE is SEXY. Be the woman a man needs, not the woman that needs a man! PATTYISM

November 2nd, Daily Intention

To all the lovely ladies out there, this ones for you.    
The road to success starts with believing in yourself first. Today I will believe in my own ability and there will be no limits as to where I go to find my greatness! PATTYISM

October 30th, Daily Intention

You are BEAUTIFUL my friend, know it, feel it!    
Relationships take time to cultivate and can be devastated in one hasty action. Give importance to the ones who truly get you, they are a rare and awesome gift! PATTYISM

October 29th, Daily Intentions

Friendship is a wonderful gift and needs to be honored and respected.      
LIFE has a way of righting what is wrong. Some people call this "karma". I think it is life's obstacles that teach us how to be better. PATTYISM

October, 28th Daily Intention

It has never sounded right to me when people say that karma will get you, it just feels negative to me, almost like they are wishing bad to someone.          

October 27, Daily Intention

Changing who you are can be scary, but I believe it is necessary to achieve greatness and who wants to settle for mediocre?     For more daily intentions, go to our ART category at the top of the menu bar, select the down…

October 26, Daily Intention

Enjoy your day ALL day long, my friends!    

October 23, Daily Intention

TGIF my friends! I will never judge you. Peace and ALWAYS love.