Interior design and fashion are both rooted in a passion for style.

Interior designer, Patricia Davis Brown has a passion for style and fashion. She and her expert style contributors spot fashion trends and share trendy clothes outfit ideas here with you.

Recent Articles About Trendy Clothes and Outfit Ideas

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About Style and Fashion Trends

Looking for outfit ideas that include trendy clothes? Not sure where to start?

Being stylish and fashionable means that you:

  1. Know what is “in style”
  2. Know how to choose the right trendy clothes for you

As most fashion experts will suggest, dressing yourself in trendy clothes is easy if you focus on one trend and support it with classic items. For example, if flowing silky tops are in style as well as long flowing skirts – choose one and pair it with a classic item. Wear jeans or a simple pair of tailored pants with the top and choose a simple black or white fitted top to wear with the skirt.

Accessories are a great way to experiment with fashion trends. Here’s an outfit idea: choose a trendy belt, scarf or jewelry item and wear it along with a classic pant and top – or even a simple dress.

For more outfit ideas, consider shoes. Shoes are another great way to experiment with fashion trends. Wearing the latest trend on your feet with a classic outfit or simple dress will allow you to look stylish without being over the top.


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