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Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend!


You may have guessed from my signature picture that I LOVE MY SHOES! It seems only fitting since I LOVE shoes and I DIG design that I should highlight some of my favorite shoe picks.




Don’t you just love getting together with your best girls and hitting up your favorite shoe place? You pull into the mall parking lot, your hand is on the door and you can’t wait to hit the pavement for the mad dash to the glass doors. Walking into the department store and feeling the cool temperature on your face as your pace steadily increases when you get closer to the SHOE DEPARTMENT. You are quickly surrounded by wonderful men saying, “Can I help you find something?” You reply, “YES, YOU CAN!” Suddenly, you are the shoe queen and your best girls are telling you that you MUST buy those shoes…you owe it to yourself!

My husband has a different outlook on my shoe fetish than my best girls do. He thinks I need an intervention. So, I’ve decided to post shoe pictures to share with you as a way to satisfy my need for shoe shopping. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


All I can say about this grouping is, “Yummy!”  Christian Louboutin and Jean-Francoise Lesage teamed up to create 36 pairs of gloriously luxurious heels dedicated to, and inspired by, the beautiful Marie Antionette.




 Camilla Skovgaard for Amanda Wakeley Zebra Shoes

I dig, dig, dig zebra print! Every girl has to have an animal print shoe in her closet to bring the beast out in her every now and again…don’t ya think?


Contemporary Chinese 2a[1]

Ooh,la,la…SEXY! This delicate number could find a shelf in my closet anytime. I love the flame inspired design by Kobi Levi.



Sling-Shot designed by Kobi Levi

Aren’t these interesting?


I hope you have enjoyed my shoe selections and to all you shoe girls out there, HAPPY SHOE SHOPPING!


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