A haircut makes a huge difference in how you feel about yourself, and it is a delicate art. A bad chop takes weeks to grow, and those that are lucky to have hair that grows fast will spend a couple of days in the ugly hairdo. Therefore, you must always consider a professional hairstylist to style the haircuts for men you choose to rock. However, that’s not always possible. Sometimes people are too busy to visit a stylist and must perform their haircuts at home.

The requirements of doing your cut is getting good instruments and skills. So, you must purchase quality clippers, sharp shears, and a trimmer. If you want to perform haircuts for your husband, boyfriend, or child and don’t know how to do it, these simple steps will help you. Here is how to style haircuts for men at home and look like a professional hairstylist did it.

Your Guide To Haircuts For Men At Home

How to Perform Haircuts for Men at Home

⎆ Get the right tools.

Before cutting the hair, ensure you have a spray bottle, comb, alligator clips, and clippers with guards. Trimmers and haircut sheers are also essential to keep your client clean ad comfortable.

⎆ Spray the hair with water.

The first step in cutting the hair is dampening it. Begin by sectioning the hair into three parts. According to menshaircuts, make one portion longer and the other too short. Use clips to hold the sections in place. Put water into the spray bottle and make it damp. However, ensure it’s not entirely wet.

⎆ Start clipping from the back.

Once the hair is damp, start cutting it from the back to the length of the client’s choice of size. Start cutting from the nape of the neck and cut towards the top. You can have pictures of what the client wants the look to resemble for better guidance.

How to perform haircuts for men at home

⎆ Even out the sides.

Once you get the length right at the back, move to the area behind the ears and give them the cut. If they want a fading cut on the sides, ensure you don’t have transition lines. Make the other side into a fade-cut and ensure the two lengths are the same.

⎆ Trim the back layers.

Haircuts for men with trimmed back are common. Check for longer layers at the back and trim them to cut even. Use upward strokes for the perfect cut.

⎆ Trim the sideburns.

Good haircuts for men are not noticeable with a shaggy and unkempt beard. Ensure the sideburns are trimmed to match the cut. First, comb them to make the strands even. Spot those that are overgrown and trim them. If the client wants shorter sideburns, use the edge of the trimmer to cut the strands.

How to perform haircuts for men at home

⎆ Extra-long hair.

If the hair has extra length, put a comb in the strands and pull it to a 45-degree angle. Cut the length left out of the comb. Clean the nape by following the natural hairline. Ensure the strands are even by evenly trimming them again after the big chop.

⎆ Even everything out.

Use the big-tooth comb to hold the strands and use scissors to trim those that are longer. This helps you to create a more blended look.

⎆ Make the final touches.

Spritz the hair at the top and use the comb to pull sections. Get a pair of scissors to give your client a light trim. Ensure you start the trim with the longer strands moving to the shorter ones. You can then add a hair product like a leave-in conditioner to make the style popping.

⎆ Going bald.

Bald hairstyles look easy to do, but they also require you to have the right tools and skills. Otherwise, the head will not be completely clean as a bald hairdo should look. These haircuts for men also go well with a well-trimmed beard and sideburns.

⎆ When to do it on dry hair.

Although you are mostly advised to shave wet hair, the hair must be completely dry if you are using clippers. Damp hair will make it hard for the razor to cut and lead to the clippers’ spoiling.

Here’s to your amazing haircuts for the men in your life.

Use these tips and let us know how it goes. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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