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Oh – for the love of high heel shoes… do we have some fun pictures to share with you!

Green Shoe Sculpture

This green beauty, created by the French painter Alexandrine Van Duijn, was found on the Fashion Art and Other Fancies blog.



High Heel Shoe Art – a Well-Balanced Wall Hanging

This work of art, titled “Shoe Fetish #2” (26x48x2) is a modern high heel shoe wall sculpture in painted steel by Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray. It’s available for sale on Etsy.com



High Heel Shoe Bathtub

You read that right… a bathtub shaped like a high heel shoe – perfect for a bathroom that’s all “hers”! We found this “Audrey” tub by Sicis on the If It’s Hip It’s Here blog.

Red-Hot High Heel Shoe Pic

Looking for the perfect picture for your office wall? Or how about for your bathroom, walk-in-closet or dressing area? This sexy piece from RedBubble (mount it on canvas for a sleek look and easy hanging!) is just what a girl needs:

The High Heel Shoe Car

For the lady who doesn’t just want to wear a shoe… why not try driving one? We know.. this really belongs in our “WTF” series... but we couldn’t resist!


High Heel Shoe Planter

Looking for a more subtle way to show your love for high heels? This clear planter was spotted in the eco-friendly section of the Design-Decor-Staging blog.


High Heel Shoes… Just the Shoes

Of course we couldn’t end this without showing you a great pair of shoes… so, here is a pair of our favorites from JustFab (where these, and a ton of other shoes are only $39.95 a pair) in a bright teal that will look amazing popping out from your jeans, suit pants or along with a little black dress!

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