Why CBD Cream Is Preferable Over CBD Oil

With so many oils on the market, why do some people still stick with the most common type of delivery method, CBD cream instead? While both offer several advantages, CBD cream and CBD oil are absorbed differently by the body. Obviously, you wouldn’t ingest cream, and while you can put CBD oil on your skin, some people prefer to take it under the tongue or in edibles. 

CBD has made quite an impact on the economy lately, with an industry that’s already worth billions of dollars and climbing. With millions of users taking CBD on a daily basis, there’s got to be a reason, right? Not only is CBD safe to use and offers few to no side-effects, it’s also convenient, effective, and affordable. Lazarus Naturals is a unique brand in the industry and serves on the Board of Directors of the US Hemp Roundtable and we have a Lazarus coupon for you.

Millions of people trust cream and oil alike to treat skin conditions, relieve anxiety, get better sleep, and more. Which is better? Why do some people prefer cream over oils? Which is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about CBD products and how to choose one that fits your needs by reading CBD cream reviews and checking the brand’s transparency and integrity. 

CBD Oil or CBS Cream. Which Will You Choose?

CBD Oil or CBS Cream. Which Will You Choose?

Is There That Much Difference? 

Is there really that much of a difference between CBD cream and oil? CBD is absorbed into the body either way, right? The answer is yes and no. While it’s true that CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system no matter how you get it, the method of delivery can change the results and the time it takes to feel its effects. 

Let’s say you’re suffering from chronic anxiety and you can’t focus. For something like that, you’ll probably take oil or capsules, because applying CBD cream won’t have the same effect on the entire body. CBD creams are usually reserved for localized pain, inflammation, and other skin conditions. 

When you apply CBD cream, it gets absorbed directly into the skin, which is why so many choose cream for joint pain and conditions like acne. CBD makes for an excellent topical remedy! The research shows that certain skin conditions can be successfully managed with the application of CBD, but we’re still waiting on more in-depth studies to reveal just how much CBD helps. 

The bottom line is that CBD products affect the body in different ways. You won’t get that full-body sensation from a topical cream, just as you wouldn’t get the maximum pain or inflammation relief to a localized area with a capsule. The method of delivery dictates the effects.

CBD For Everything 

CBD has dozens of scientific studies to support its use for things like anxiety, concentration, and even preventing seizures. This natural compound interacts with the body in a safe and effective way, and there’s even a prescription drug approved by the FDA with CBD as the active ingredient! 

This is a long way from where CBD started out. CBD was discovered by British scientist Robert Cahn in 1940. Cahn was the first person to identify an individual cannabinoid, paving the way for further research into the medical benefits of Cannabis. 

Unfortunately, in 1970, Richard Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act into law, which effectively grouped Cannabis (and its strains, including hemp) into the “Schedule 1 Drug” classification next to dangerous substances like heroin and cocaine. For nearly fifty years, hemp has remained in that classification. 

While this hasn’t completely eliminated hemp research, it’s certainly stifled it. Not to mention giving hemp plenty of stigma. In 2018, the Farm Bill finally removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and made its growth and cultivation legal at the federal level. 

Even with 50 years of criminalization, hemp has still come out ahead. As one of the most versatile and strong plants on the planet, its uses are numerous and its benefits obvious. Now that it’s legal, there’s plenty of money pouring into CBD and hemp research and we can hope to see some new uses developing in the future. 

CBD is now used for many health conditions. Doctors are looking into the medical application of the compound, but this process takes years of research and has to go through the approval of the FDA first. We can only hope that we’ll see more CBD medications in the near future. 

What’s the Cost Difference? 

You’re probably wondering which option is cheaper; CBD cream or CBD oil. The fact is, prices vary wildly across brands, potency, and location. When it comes to oils and creams, you’re probably going to spend anywhere between $30 and $60 for a decent product. 

Oils usually come in varying potency, with bottles containing as much as 5,000mg of CBD per container. You can also find plenty of flavor varieties with CBD oils, but creams are pretty limited as far as scents and varieties. 

Considerations for Both Varieties 

Whether you decide on oils or creams, you’ll want to consider these final factors. Remember that the quality of the hemp from which the CBD is extracted should be a prime consideration. Hemp absorbs everything in the soil around it, so if it’s grown in a place with few guidelines, you could be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals or pollutants. Blessed CBD cream says, “If you want to make a good CBD oil, you need to have good ingredients.” They practice organic farming to grow their hemp for the healthiest CBD products.

Be sure you research the brand you’re buying from as well. There are plenty of great brands available in the CBD market, but for every good brand, there’s an imposter brand to match. These brands are only in the market for a quick buck and could care less about the quality of their products or the satisfaction of their customers. 


Both the best CBD oil and CBD cream offer similar benefits, but depending on what you’re using it for, one may be more effective than the other. If you need localized pain or inflammation relief, choose CBD cream. For anxiety, heart health, or better sleep, oils will likely work better for you. 

Don’t pick the first brand you come across. Do your research, be sure of what you’re buying, and spend your money wisely. Good luck and enjoy your CBD products! 

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