Security Personnel or Security Devices?

Security Personnel

When it comes to construction and corporate site security, you have two basic choices. First, you can get security devices like cameras or motion sensor lights. These are automated systems that let you know if anyone breaks into the property. You can even get alarm systems that will sound or silent alarms that will call the police for you. However, is any of this better than just hiring security personnel? What if those personnel had trained dogs to help them? Security devices can be nice, but there are a few reasons why live security forces actually give you a better result.

Security Personnel
  1. Machines can be disabled. First off, someone who knows what they are doing may be able to disable your security devices. They could cut the power to a building or a site, for instance, so that the alarms will not sound. If you have live people on site, you know that they are always going to be attentive.
  2. Machines do not detect suspicious activity.  Part of security is just noticing suspicious activity, even before a crime is committed. If you see someone lurking around on the edge of the construction site, looking over the fence like they are looking for cameras, you know that you should keep an eye on them. A security guard can often pick up on things before they happen, but an alarm system will not.
  3. People take fewer risks. People will often take risks with automated systems. They know that the response is not going to come right away. Even if they hear the alarm going off, they know that they have a few minutes before the police will arrive. If they see a person and a dog on the site, they are not going to risk it. This can deter a lot of crime, stopping criminals before they even try to break onto the property.
  4. It is easy to communicate with guards.   If you have guards on the site, it is easy to call them, check in, and see how everything is going. This gives you some peace of mind about the site, even when you are not there. A camera feed can do this for you to some extent, but you never know if you are seeing the whole picture. A guard is much more reliable, so you can be in contact with your security team at all times.

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