Keeping Uniforms and Laundry Clean

The cleanliness of uniforms and other laundry is of utmost importance for any company or organization. Though laundry is a necessary expense, it can become costly to outsource laundry on a regular basis.

Speed Queen Equipment Sales is a great option for Australian organizations with laundry needs. They have been selling commercial laundry equipment since 1962, when the founder opened Australia’s first coin-operated laundry in Melbourne. This laundry machine company has access to laundry machine manufacturers including Huebsch and Unimac.

Industrial Laundry Services for the Cleanest Uniforms and Linens

Keeping Uniforms and Laundry Clean

They’ve served numerous institutions over the years including hospitals, institutional care facilities, aged care facilities, government departments, sports clubs, and resorts. In short, they provide laundry facilities to organizations in need of heavy duty, durable laundry machines. The company sells brand new machines, and also good quality traded and reconditioned machines. They also offer flexible financing options. If you are unsure of the details involved in planning your new laundry facility, not to worry.

In addition to selling the machines themselves the company also offers before and after sales service. This means that they’ll help you with planning and design, machine installment, and financing options. They are also a reliable repair service. These additional services are meant to take the guesswork and hassle out of purchasing commercial laundry machines. Their staff can also answer any questions you may have.

Since this company has been around for 47 years, you will find that their staff is very knowledgeable about the commercial laundry machine business. Since SQE knows that there is more to laundry than just washers and driers, they also have ancillary items for sale. These include soap vending machines, laundry trolleys, and soap packets. Setting up your laundry facility is all the more convenient when you don’t have to shop at multiple locations for different items.

With a wide range of products and services, and with decades of providing commercial laundry machines to all of Australia, SQE is a great choice for businesses and organizations who need onsite laundry facilities. Their prices are quite competitive, and their customer service staff is always willing to help. This company comes very highly recommended.

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