Interlocking Ground Protection Mats Provide A Solid Base

When you need to protect the ground of your work site, there’s no better choice than an interlocking ground protection mat from Quality Mat Company. When ground protection mats were developed in the 1970s, Quality Mat Company sought to create a matting solution that allowed efficient access to remote areas while protecting environmentally sensitive locations.

The interlocking design of these mats allows them to distribute weight across the entire matting network. This supports your heavy equipment and your crews, providing safety and stability to your work site.

Standard sizing for these mats is 8’ wide and 6” thick, with lengths of 12’, 14’ or 16’. Quality Mat Company also offers custom sizing to meet the specific needs of any project. As the experts in matting, you can also talk to specialists about your project and they will help you find the matting solutions you need.

These mats do more than support the work area—they provide an excellent way of getting there. Commonly used as a temporary roadway, these mats save time, effort, and money by getting vehicles and supplies to the work site quickly. With much less preparation and cleanup work, you’ll be able to meet your deadlines while still protecting the ground beneath the mats.

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