How Can You Customize Mattress Comfort?

How Can You Customize Mattress Comfort

Everybody knows no two snowflakes are the same, in the same way that no two people are identical. But when it comes to comfort bedding, the entire population’s comfort preferences fall in one of three categories: soft, medium, or firm.

As you likely know, this couldn’t be further from the truth. People have different comfort and support needs, just as they need different sized clothing and have different tastes in music or food. Sleep comfort is a totally unique preference, where the cookie-cutter approach rarely applies accurately.

How Can You Customize Mattress Comfort

So what’s there to do if you fall in between the options that conventional wisdom says are right for your body?

The answer for most people is a mattress topper, and unlike most mattresses, these come in a wide range of firmness and feels, able to customize your bed to what you need for your best sleep. Check out the The Foam Factory for options for your bed.

Be they quilted pillow-tops or a variety of foam, mattress toppers give you a degree of comfort, while letting you use your existing mattress’ support. What’s so great about mattress toppers is that by only coming in thin varieties, you get a hybrid feel that is part topper, part existing mattress. This allows you to make a gentle change in comfort, instead of transitioning from 100 percent one way, to 100 percent another.

You are even able to layer multiple toppers together to form a more refined comfort layer on your bed, blending thin layers of different firmness to create that in-between perfection that’s right for you.

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