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Kentucky Derby - Lori Wilson.

The Kentucky Derby is ALL about Hats!

It has long been a tradition of the Kentucky Derby which began in 1875, for ladies to wear their finest to the race and back then it included a hat. This tradition has stuck and become part of the event and Dig This Design was lucky enough to have a reporter on the scene, my good friend, Lori Wilson.


Kentucky Derby - Lori Wilson.

Lori Wilson at The Kentucky Derby

Lori and her sister have a long standing tradition of girl tripping to the Deby. Her beautiful sundress and matching hat, designed by my favorite designer, Mochachino, really brought the flavor of the event.



Kentucky Derby - Lindsey Vonn

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The third time is a charm for Lindsey Vonn, attending the event for the 3rd year in a row. She kept it sexy with a little retro 90’s style blouse with a built-in choker. I don’t think the hat was the focal point here, but either way, she was looking hot Derby style!

Kentucky Derby - Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski

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I always dig Johnny Weir’s fashion sense and he and Tara Lipinski brought it to the Derby! This duo, for the third year, were NBC’s “fashion and lifestyle experts” for the Kentucky Derby.

Enough of The Celebs, Let’s Get to The Outrageous! 


Kentucky Derby - Big Hat

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Bigger is not always better, especially if you are sitting behind this Derby goer.

Kentucky Derby - Fashion

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I do love a party and one of these days I am going to join this one. The Derby with all of its glam and all of its traditions is a horse race that only last two minutes, but the party leading up to it, surrounding it and after it continues much longer!

The Skinniest Mintiest Mint Julep Recipe by DigThisDesign.net


Leaves of 6 mint sprigs

2 packets of Stevia sweetener

3 oz. bourbon whiskey

2 cups ice crushed

Garnish naturally with mint sprigs

To prepare:

Combine mint and stevia in the shaker.

Muddle until aroma is strong.

Add your bourbon of choice and 1 cup of ice and shake it, baby!

Add ice to a tall glass and stir it to get the glass cold and then dump the ice.

Refill your tall glass with the remaining crushed  ice and add cocktail

Garnish with mint sprig

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