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Fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas with the PDB Homestore

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, it’s time to get the house ready for that big Thanksgiving feast. From fabulous plates to buffet servers, the PDB Homestore has everything you need to host a grand Thanksgiving dinner!

Buffet Server

Investing in a buffet server is one of the best things you as a hostess can do for the Thanksgiving holiday. Set up the buffet server with the dinner presented on top in the room that guests will be eating their dinner. As an added bonus, guests can grab their plates and serve themselves. You won’t be “stuck” playing hostess all night and will be able to enjoy your guest’s company.


Dining Table Decorations

Make the dining table beautiful by using it as a focal point at your dinner party! Lay down a pretty table runner and build the focal point around that. Use various colors and textures and don’t be afraid to mix and match! The PDB Homestore has beautiful charger plates that you can set up beforehand on the dining table. Finish the look off by adding napkin holders for that special “wow” effect from your guests.





Serve dinner on the Trillium Round Plates from the PDB Homestore. These plates are wonderful for serving the big Thanksgiving feast to your guests. With its contoured lines, contrasting shapes and soft edges, your guests will love eating off of these plates.


All Purpose Glasses

Last but not least, what’s a holiday dinner without drinks? Serve cocktails in these pretty all-purpose glasses. These glasses are dishwasher safe, long lasting, shatter resistant and crack proof!


Written by: Sharan Kaur, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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