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Fun with the Fur Kids on Halloween

Last week we shared some fun DIY costumes for Fido… but what if you want to get in on the fun with your fur kid and dress up to match your dog?

Here are some cute ideas. (BTW – all of them are available today for shipping for the Halloween weekend and holiday.)

…And Your Little Dog Too!

This really would have thrown poor Elphaba for a loop! Dorothy and Todo all mixed in one!

Shop this Dorothy costume for your pup.

Dog Fans

Let your pooch cheer you or your children with this cute cheerleader pom-pom costume.

Shop this Doggie Costume

The Dark Night and His Sidekick

Who said the dog has to be the sidekick? Let him have the spotlight as the main character and you take the supporting role – like with this Batman and Robin costume duo for you and your pet:

Shop this Batman Costume for Dogs



Pimp Dog

We won’t go as far as suggesting a matching outfit for this one… but we couldn’t resist showing you this decked-out pimp dog!

Shop this Pimp Dog Costume

Have a great Halloween!

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