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Using Drones To Create Art

Drones are interesting little robots that are being used for all sorts of things, some good and some bad. This is my second post on these pesky little pieces of technology and I decided to do a little research on drones and the arts and how the two could possibly mesh together. I wasn’t surprised to find the art world using theses flying robots to create wonderful works of art.

Dirk Dallas a photographer and educator created this amazing photo using long-exposure photography which captures the flight path of the drone against the dark sky. This type of art is called light painting. See his whole collection of Dirk Dallas via Flickr/Creative Commons Licence.

Drones - Art made with drones

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Drones and Graffiti

Kendall Jenner became a victim of drone vandalism. Her Calvin Klein billboard was tagged by graffiti writer and multimedia artist KATSU. KATSU is known to be an artist, vandal, and hacker who works in Brooklyn New York. He uses technology, vandalism, and includes commentary on commercialism, privacy, and digital culture.

Drones and graffiti art

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Drones and Photography

Leon Cmielewski and Josephine Starrs are Australian artists who collaborate to produce media art installations, visualisation, and sublime landscape.

Drones creating art through dance

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Drones and Dance

This Japanese ad campaign is humorous and also shows nude dancers being censored by carefully programmed drones clutching a small sheet of paper which shields their nudity. Drone dancing is becoming popular in the dancing arts as they can be programmed and choreographed with dancers. It is mesmerizing to see technology and human interaction through dance.

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