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Find your design inspiration by bringing vintage art into your outdoor spaces.  It is a great way to add conversation and interest to your gardens and outdoor living areas. This beautiful, charming garden located in Pasadena is a wonderful example of antique pieces transporting you to a different time and place. These images take me directly inside Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel, The Secret Garden.

Vintage statues from Charme D’Antan were used in a showcase garden that would be equally appropriate inside or out. Many of the statues were actually from 19th century Loire Valley, the time frame and region that inspired the home’s architecture.

The expansive garden was designed to complement an estate in Pasadena that had the feel of France’s Loire Valley. The designer from FormLA Landscaping, Cassy Aoyagi, created a vintage feel with a traditional French knot design with vintage statues from the period placed as focal points.

Adding an antique rod iron head and/or foot board to your garden is a whimsical way to bring a vintage feel into your flower bed.

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