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Part one of four…An Interior Design firms journey through the maze of SOCIAL MEDIA.



I have had many experiences both good and bad and I have a lot to say about my journey.  Breaking it down into a four part series just seems to make the most sense. I do not claim to be a SOCIAL MEDIA expert by any means but, if I can help others in a similar position learn and conquer the world of social media then I am happy to do so. It is not an easy step to take, especially if you do not know the language, and I did not. I will tell you my tale of how I just jumped in and began to swim. How I got dunked a few times but, became a stronger swimmer and how my company has evolved into the twenty-first century because of it.

In 1992 I opened my design firm, Patricia Davis Brown Fine Cabinetry, Inc. and for the next eighteen years I expanded into full remodels, lighting design and furniture design. I enjoyed great successes over the years receiving fifteen National Awards for my designs. In 2009 I found myself in the middle of a recession with few design jobs on the horizon. We have all heard the phrase ~ One must think outside of the box ~ and I had time to do just that.




Knowing the lack of jobs in my community I really needed to think outside the community (box) and I looked to the internet for that. I asked myself, what I can do with my talent to market myself on the internet and came up with the idea of starting a virtual design company. My virtual design company ishttp://www.professionalkitchenandbathplans.com/ and through this company I have no limitations, I can work anywhere in the world. That is the beauty of the internet there are no boundaries or BOXES. Skype is the coolest tool! Through Skype I can see someone’s space and talk to them about it, all from a computer screen or smart phone. My latest client, I have yet to meet in person, I worked with her completely through Skype where she made all of her selections.

After creating my virtual design company I created a home furnishings store onlinewww.PDBHomeStore.com, where my customers can pick not only their surfaces from cabinetry, tile and counters but, they can also pick furniture and accessories. I had created an interior design network of services. My clients could reach me from anywhere, buy my product from anywhere and I LOVED the concept.

I quickly learned that just building the sites was not all I had to do. I had to learn about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and using SOCIAL MEDIA to push my brand. SEO experts told me a blog was a great tool to market my companies and my brand so I started https://www.digthisdesign.net/, the blog you are currently on.

Since starting my blog I have had wonderful successes with my career all brought about by my blog. Being the Author of  Dig This Design gives me press rights into industry shows and special privileges while I am there. Last January I was invited, along with 18 other Interior Designers and Architect bloggers from all over the United States and Canada to be a guest of Brizo, the fashion forward faucet company. Brizo has aligned themselves with Jason Wu the fashion designer to the stars, in their marketing campaign and we were invited to attend Jason Wu’s fashion show and after party. Brizo has this event to push their social media. All of us bloggers, twittered, facebooked and blogged about the event and gave a big boost to Brizo’s ratings. This was a very clever and successful marketing move on Brizo’s part. Since then I have been flown to Louisville, Ky. ~ to GE – Monogram’s training facility and I just got back from Chicago where I attended Jenn-Air’s Designer Symposium. Through my blog I have also been hired as a freelance writer for QuinStreet, Inc., a web based publication that will be launching my feature, Relaxed Remodeling. Needless to say the blog continues to amaze me on the opportunities that come from it.

Well…I am almost out of breath just telling you what got me in this mess. Yes, I created this monster and I am really enjoying the ride and the challenge of it all. In my next installment I will talk about why I think social media is necessary. The pitfalls that I happened to drop into along the way and will hopeful save you from the same fate. I will also share with you where this adventure has taken me and my company.


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