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BRIZO….Every Product Tells a Story of Inspiration….

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The purpose of this blog is to bring inspiring designs to my readers and I cannot wait to introduce you to the fashion-forward company, BRIZO.


I just got back from spending three days in New York City with some of the best talents in design. Many thanks go to BRIZO, for making this possible. BRIZO flew all of us out to New York City for Fashion Week, with all expenses paid.


The first night was a meet and greet cocktail party where we made fast friends. You’ll definitely want to read the blogs of these edgy designers, which I will list at the end of this post.

BRIZO created an informative introduction to their products and the team that creates them.


JUDD LORD, Director of Industrial Design for BRIZO

Judd spoke about how the design process works and flows at BRIZO. They methodically study trends all over the world to help them forecast upcoming trends. I was fascinated while listening to Judd speak about his design inspirations. He said that while he was on one of his study trips to Europe, he was inspired by the beautiful wrought iron details that he saw. Those inspirations helped him to design the Virage. The Virage combines a modern edge with a touch of art deco styling.

Virage_Wallmount_Brilliance Polished Nickel

Virage-wallmount-brillance polished nickel

So, here we are in this room full of talented designers and the BRIZO team came up with an ingenious way to receive input from us all. They broke us up into small groups in separate rooms where we each viewed prototypes of possible new BRIZO designs. Each designer was given a survey to fill out after viewing each group of prototypes. An open discussion followed for each design and information was gathered. I thought it was very clever of BRIZO to put together such a well-organized study group and I am proud to have been a part of it.


My Think Tank group ROCKED!

BRIZO then presented us with a lecture given by Architect, Sean Culman, AIA who spoke to us on the topic of biomimicry. Biomimicry (from “bios” meaning life, and “mimesis” meaning to imitate) is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems sustainably. I was fascinated by this topic and I plan to discuss biomimicry further in an upcoming post.

After the lecture, we were all ready for cocktail hour when BRIZO threw us a pop quiz challenge. The challenge was to design a bathroom using biomimicry and sustainable design. Once we were given our group, we rose to the challenge and got busy, just like all great designers do.


Patricia Davis BrownLori Gilder and Arne Salvasen

Team “E” for excellence, I love you guys!


Congratulations to team “C” for their winning designs! Team members, Roberta KravetteJennifer RectorRichard Herb and Tamara Stephenson.

The flashing of the paparazzi cameras came when we exited our limo at the fashion show, and so began our adventure into the world of fashion design.


Lori GilderLeslie FineNick LoveladyRaina Cox and Michelle Carangi

The atmosphere at the fashion show was exciting and when the music started and the runway came alive with the rhythmic strut of the fashion models, it was on…


Photo Credits – Jayme Thornton

This black, elegant gown gracefully exposes the long legs of the model and shows just enough for a true “WOW FACTOR “.


Photo Credit – Jayme Thornton

This is a regal ensemble, fitting any royalty stylish enough to wear it.


Photo Credit – Jayme Thornton

How about that for “BLING”, girls?


Photo Credit – Jayme Thornton

The lady in red brought the house down as the last design to walk down the runway!


Jason Wu       Photo Credit – Jayme Thornton

I am highly impressed with Jason Wu, as were the critics!


Photo Credit – Jayme Thornton

It was an honor to meet this young star. His collection was awe-inspiring and I chose my favorites to share with you. You can read about Mr. Wu’s fall collection in The New York Times, Style and Fashion section.


JB BartlkowiakBuilding Moxiehttp://www.buildingmoxie.com/
Roberta Bauer-KravetteGreen Kitchens by Designhttp://greenkitchensbydesign.com/
Michelle CarangiHolley & Gillwww.holleygill.com
Carmen ChristiansenTime2Designhttp://time2designinc.blogspot.com
Raina CoxIf The Lamp Shade Fitshttp://ifthelampshadefits.blogspot.com/
Sean CulmanSolutionssculman@sfo.com
Nicole DuRocherBKLYN Contessa/Nicole etal.http://bklyncontessa.tumblr.com/
Leslie FineLeslie Fine Interiorswww.lesliefineinteriors.com
Lori GilderInterior Makeover, Inc.http://lorigilder.com/
Richard HerbRichar W. Herb and Associateshttp://richardwherb.com/
Jonathan LegateJonathan Legate Interior Consultationhttp://jonathanlegate.com/
Nick LoveladyCupboards Kitchen & Bathhttp://www.cupboardsonline.com/
Eric MillerStudio Mhttp://www.interiorsbystudiom.com/blog/
Jenny Rector3 Ringshttp://www.3rings.designerpages.com
Arne SalvasenParadign Kitchen Designwww.usefulspaces.net
Tamara StephensonTamara Stephenson Interior Designhttp://nestnestnest.blogspot.com/
Kymberly WeinerBest Plumbing Tile & Stonehttp://bestplg.com/blog/
Michelle WiebeStudio Mhttp://www.interiorsbystudiom.com/blog/
Mindy Miles-GreenbergEncore Décorhttp://encoredecorblog.com/

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