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Upcyclying for those who don’t know is a great way to utilize objects that you may otherwise throw away in a design format.  Excess stones, wood, garden tools, or any other possibilities can be your inspiration for design material.  You can be both creative and resourceful.  Love your design and love your environment.

Below are several different ways to optimize possible usages of excess wood scraps, stone, or even old gardening tools as something lovely for a potential garden gate.

Use Excess Wood To Wear On Your Gate

You see it all the time, excess wood by the wayside of the road, nobody wants to waste it, but at the same time, branches that have fallen from your trees or something you’ve cut down and you don’t have a fire-pit seem useless to you, so why not use them decoratively.

The picture featured below gives an excellent depiction of what was possibly once waste material for a home, and has now given and very tangible, rustic feel to the front gate of this homestead.  It gives a familiar vibe and sets the tone of the residence you’ll be entering.

Use Your Garden Tools

Rusty old shovels, pitch forks, or even a bicycle you might want to toss away?  Why bother?  These are the elements that create our outdoor joy and pleasantry, why not use them as a great re-inspiration for your garden gate?  A reminder of what brings you outside pleasure in the first place.

Rake or shovel anyone?  For a garden gate?  A design?  Who would imagine?  This possibly dull or functionally useless items are upcycled here to show that not only can they still co-exist in realm where once were possibly forsaken, but revered and adored visually  instead.

This gate below features more rakes and shovels in a different way.  This one is slightly more playful and really sets the tone for a yard owner that not only loves their garden and greenery, but omits a playful sense of humor.  With this route, there are no limits to your own individuality and creativity.

An Upcycled Bike Gate

Have some old bicycles in the garage? Line them up end to end and you have the perfect makings for fence or gate. The picture below shows an example where all of the bikes were painted the same color for a sleek look:

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